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Duane TeWinkel, 64 years young. Son, brother, husband,

father, Gramps to 4 great grandchildren.

Air Force retiree (1964-1984). Viet Nam veteran (August 1967 – August 1968).  Did time in Texas, Illinois, Oklahoma, California and Nebraska stateside as well as Thailand and the Philippines.

Presbyterian by choice.

Politically incorrect by choice.

Life member of the VFW and DAV.

Born and raised Republican.  Supporter of the Bush Doctrine.  I will slam a Republican just as fast as I will anyone else.

Reading is to me as breathing is to others.

I still think Barry Goldwater was right.

What else?  Diversity Kiwanis Club of Sioux Falls, SD


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  1. Thanks for linking LP Journal series article – Obama Watch, and a belated, but respectful thank you for serving your nation. As a fellow veteran, I too am concerned of not only the government’s direction (under the rule of liberal-progressive-socialists, as well as “moderate” Republicans) – but society itself, where the rabble presently walking in the Halls of Congress are slowly deteriorating what this country is all about, as well as what the Founders intended. We have failed to heed the warning of Benjamin Franklin and the authors of the Federalist Papers.
    Anyway, apparently we have the same purpose and similar ideology, as well as fellow users of WordPress.
    And like you, “I will slam a Republican just as fast as I will anyone else”. What is important is the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, America as a nation and unified people – excluding uninvited and unwelcome people that cross our borders illegally. Legal immigrants are always welcome as long as we have jobs for them.
    Best Regards …
    PS – The photo is great at “About” page here – you look like a happy and charming couple.

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