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Mr. Gorbachev… “Tear Down This Wall!” 1 message The Republican Presidents Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 11:30


I think one of the most compelling moments of President Ronald Reagan’s White House was his desire to beat communism. Looks like he succeeded. The old Soviet Union is no longer in existence, China has free markets, so does Vietnam. The Eastern bloc is now capitalistic and well ole Lenin is no longer relevant. Why? It’s simple, President Reagan made the destruction of communism one of his administrations goals. Reagan knew that a communist government couldn’t keep up with the economic power of a capitalistic society. Basically, by outspending the communists on military, they couldn’t compete and they bankrupted themselves. The words Reagan spoke of ‘Tear down this wall.’ Are symbolic of the times. American bravado backed by it’s military might, supported by an economic system that continued to grow. The walls in our lives all need tearing down. In Reagans day it was the Berlin wall, the belief that America was no longer a world power. Or that America had seen it’s better days, Reagan tore down all these walls. The walls are numerous in our country today. We might think to ourselves that our better days of America are behind us. I think not and I’m sure you feel the same way. If you want to be reminded of more when it comes to our best days in our countries history and where we’ll gain our inspiration, just watch this video. To watch the video click here. Have a great day and remember, it won’t take much to take back America. Best, Matt Gillogly To unsubscribe, please go to Unsubscribe Grinder Publishing 7156 W. 127th Street Box 396 Palos Heights, IL 60463 United States


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