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Ready to �take up arms to protect my country� September 03, 2009 09:44 pm — Two great-uncles served in World War I, Lacy Kerr killed in action, and Walter severely wounded. My father and one uncle served in World War II, dad a medic and Bob infantry. Uncle Kenneth served during Korea. Big brother, Garry, served in Vietnam as an air traffic controller; at the same time I served in Thailand, Air Force security. My granddaughter and her husband have served three years in the Army. Andrew just returned from 15 months off the coast of Somalia. We all served honorably to support and defend the Constitution. I become very belligerent when anyone treads on my Constitution and government, created and preserved by the �Greatest Generation.� The �Baby Boomers� control our country now, and I�m scared! Those who demonstrated against Vietnam treated us like criminals on our return, fraternized with the enemy, called our pilots and POWs professional killers and the troops �baby killers� [and] are now in the majority of Congress and state legislatures. I will again take up arms to protect my country and Constitution against any enemy, �foreign or domestic,� and I�m not un-American by publicly saying so…. Johnston and McNamara lost our war and cost us thousands of lives by running the war from the oval office. The liberals detest the military, which they obviously escaped, and they�re trying to dismantle the intelligence community that�s saved us from another 9/11. As an �Independent,� I detest the liberal left and conservative right. We need people elected who will honestly represent us and not their weird agendas. I�m tired of them controlling our lives, and I�ll do whatever it takes to defeat them! Ron Kerr Sigourney Copyright © 1999-2008 cnhi, inc.


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