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sophia_sadek ([info]sophia_sadek) wrote,
@ 20081207 15:04:00

Break Time: Climbing the Conservative Ladder of Thought
The “conservative” intellect in America can be rated on a ladder of initiation. At the lowest rungs of the ladder, we find the people who are least initiated. As we go higher up the ladder, we find greater levels of initiation until we reach the top rungs of the ladder. There is value in considering some of the ways these dark energy luminaries operate.

At the base of the ladder, we encounter Ann Coulter who heaps coals on the heads of her less mature detractors by recounting their childish antics. One cannot help but sympathize with the poor creature’s plight and feel pity for the way she has been treated by her adversaries.

Conservatives at the top rung of the ladder would take umbrage at being associated with the princess of bigotry. She couldn’t possibly share the same values as they do. It is true that she embarrasses fellow travelers, but the infantile reaction against her does no justice to the anti-bigotry crowd.

Above her level, we come to the rungs occupied by the Jonah Goldbergs of conservative thought. Their level of initiation is greater because they tap into a wider body of evidence in order to promote hate and violence.

The next tier of rungs on the ladder have been established by Dinesh D’Souza. He taps into higher level conservative thinkers without making the mistake of understanding them. He serves as an intellectual filter for those below his level, shielding the lesser initiates from the brilliance at the top.

D’Souza’s alien childhood and his passage from the liberal side of the aisle to the conservative side, lends him an air of multicultural legitimacy. He exposes the imperfections of the liberal academy in a way that almost makes him seem to be the genuine article. One must sympathize with his struggle against bias. On the other hand, his self-contradiction on the support of both human rights and gay bashing make him an icon of vicious bigotry.

Above D’Souza, we encounter Sam Harris. His level of initiation takes him out of the morass of religious bigotry exemplified by D’Souza. He earns a spot on the “conservative” ladder because he advocates violence in reaction to the violent. He fails to see the irony in this standard self-contradiction.


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