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<!– Written by Redactor on November 10th, 2008–>Now what?

Well, now the governors are going to Washington to beg for bailouts. New York Governor Paterson and New Jersey Governor Corzine have schlepped their way up to the Hill to explain that they are “cutting all [they] can” from their bloated budgets, and to demand some “relief.”

I don’t believe that the notoriously corrupt governments of New York and New Jersey have pared their budgets to the bone. Or that the only way to cut another dollar is to throw some little old lady out onto the street.

I also don’t believe that the federal government has some magical way of getting money that state governments don’t have. It all comes from the same group of us taxpayers. Unless these governors are talking about taking cash from other states, where else would the money come from? Where but out of thin air — borrowing plus the trusty old printing press?

The feds are wearing the same blinkers as these gubernatorial guys. For example, the wizards at the Federal Reserve are struggling to bring interest rates to zero — as if cheap credit in the past had nothing to do with all the misbegotten easy mortgage loans spawning the present crisis.

Now, I put it to you: If fiscal irresponsibility can be increased from mammoth to infinity, will that, at last, solve the problem? If the Fed were to drop-ship crates of cash and credit cards onto every neighborhood in America, will that, at last, solve the problem?


We need some Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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  • 11/10/2008
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Monya Skidmore

I cannot believe this, what in the hell are those two idiots thinking. How dare they expect us taxpayers to foot their cities bills. We are having apoplexy now about Wall Street, AIG, Fannie and Freddie and these two want to get in on the deal. I just hope they get laughed off the Capitol steps.

  1. Nov


Hank G

I don’t think they’ll be laughed off the capitol steps, based on the history of stupidity from that area.

I think they’ll come to Texas and a few other responsible states and steal a bunch of cash there, or the good ol’ boys at the Fed will simply print another bunch of “money” for these thieves. That’s the way it’s been since the idiot Wilson invented the national bank, why expect it to change now? I believe the treaty between the USZ and Texas specifically gave Texas th option of withdrawing for that contract-think it’s time to do that? I may be wrong, but it’s worth a try-at least, we have responsible government here, thanks largely to the fact that we elect our judges and keep the liberal idiots off the mench, except in a few cases. Then, when we find out about them, we toss ‘em to the alligators.

  1. Nov



Instead of bailing out wall street with 700Billion give the money to main street tax payers. Give everyone that filed a tax return last year 1 million let and let then spend it as they see fit
I believe that the vast majority would 1st pay off their house that would solve the housing foreclosure problem, Then they would buy a new car that intern would help the automotive industry. I am sure most would put some in the bank which would help provide money to lend. Lastly they might invest in the stock market and in turn get the ball rolling again. All this for about 200 million not 700 Billion with money to spare.

Larry Melton

I have one word for the stupid.
( Fairtax. )
Bill H.R.25/S25 will solve the problems in a short few weeks.
The Fairtax will fully fund S.S. and Medicare.
The Bill can be found at



When you said pour buckets of money, you remind me of the Weimar Republic in German which helped bring Hitler to power. It took wheelbarrows full of money printed by the government to purchase a loaf of bread.

But then that is one of the great reasons we no longer teach history in our schools.

We really would not want our children, our parents, our teachers, or our political leaders (and I use that last word with tongue in cheek) to learn anything from the past.

Jim Mc Quill an

It’s not really the governor of NY but it’s legislature. Patterson submitted a budget that was $2B under last year and the DEMOCRATIC state legislature told him to go stuff it.

Corzine of NJ was on Cavuto a couple of weeks ago and told him that he would not, repeat not, going to ask for a handout.

This has to stop somewhere. I think that as mentioned above why don’t we give every one l million.

This keeps up and the people protesting in the streets of Washington, DC will not be the kooks that normally are but the folks from hometown America. They will have the time because they most likely will not have any jobs to distract them.

Richard Keene




E!!-lizabeth Crum

I would have gone with “unfreakinbelievable” rather than “unbefreakinlievable,” otherwise I agree with every word.

(Paul – will you shoot me an email when you get a chance? Thanks!)

William P. McMillen

It doesn’t take long for a rescue to become a bailout to become a raid on the Treasury. You open the door with a 700 billion dollar bailout and laden it with 150 billion dollar worth of pork and absolutely no plan or the means to implement a plan and you get feeding time for the hogs on the farm.
Throwing money at a problem they don’t really understand will not solve it. However, the hardest thing for any well-meaning politician to do is “do nothing.”


How about all of our dedicated “public servants” (i.e. politicians) take pay cuts? That would be the best place to start.

Kenneth H. Fleischer

There is only one way that, in the end, the Federal government will act to “solve” this economic crisis, which, of course, it caused: Inflation of the currency, which the Federal Reserve has already busied itself in doing.

Prices will eventually react to this, and then “inflation” will be on everybody’s lips, and the next bubble, whatever it is to be, will form. This governmental cycle is sometimes called a “business cycle.” Of course, the government will find someone else to blame, as it always does.

William Rodgers

I keep hearing about another stimulus package around the corner. If giving people their money back (or giving some the money of others) is a great way to “stimulate” the economy then why did they take it away from us in the first place? Do any of the DC idiots ever think about these things?

MaryEllen Lempa

Paul, your column has a Chicago address on it. What’s the difference between “fiscal responsibility’s practiced by Chicago, C(r)ook County, or Illinois and the feds or NY or NJ? With Obama and his Chicago crew on the way to the White House, I have a feeling we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Msgt. John USMC, (Ret)

A lack of personal responsibility and accountability. When will these so-called politicians, I call them “pimps”, get it? There is no way to fix a broken house other to tear it down and rebuild it. This is yet another example of “Pimps Gone Wild” at the expense of US. I don’t know about others but, I’m getting damn tired of all the nonsense. I want my country back. I will be one of the first ones to gladly give my “riches” to finance a take-down of this evil. It is looooooong over-due.


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