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Pay attention! To young black American voters, Barack Obama has the romantic appeal of being an AFRICAN American. He has the appeal of Out of Africa, Roots, and Hawaii Five-O rolled into one.

Plus! He is the son of a Kenyan big man from a big tribe. He is the mother of an America hippy.  He grew up as a Moslem when he was little in Indonesia. He is from Hawaii and Harvard and the south side streets of Chicago. What’s not intriguing about this dignified family man?

Take note! He is tall. He thinks and acts like a Harvard trained lawyer professor activist. His wife is tall and smart and is straight from central casting on The Firm: Chicago (not Boston). He attended a big and wealthy church attended by everybody.

But wait! He comes from a broken home. He rebelled and did hard drugs. He stands tall on the court and has defended clients in court.

And he was befriended by an Uncle who helped him find … himself? Not necessarily, but a cause to throw himself into and dedicate his life to and define his values by.

The Uncle laid the foundation that corresponds to radical political theology, (I myself took a doctoral seminar in a French university from the Father of Liberation Theology. I also was instructed in Marx 1843-1848 by a professor in Sociology in the same university. Both then were members of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

Barack Obama chose his friends and mentors carefully from that time on. They were as he was, from Hawaii Five Oh Oh! From the weather underground, not above ground. From the Marxist stream not the main stream.

In the inner city some years back I attended a rally in the inner city on Martin Luther King Day. The last, the most powerful speaker talked to the inner city crowd of reparations. The R word. He spoke like the speech writer for Barack Obama – not the presidential candidate – but the man we see in every other venue.

Why was Obama the second biggest beneficiary of money from Fannie Mae, as a freshman senator? Because the policies of the democrats in Washington was the same as a redistributionist of reparations to American blacks – Obama’s chosen people, chosen by him.


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