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Action Alert! Action Alert!

Here’s Your Chance to Walk On Barack Obama’s Flip-Flops

When Barack Obama takes a stand he sticks to it…
Until he changes his mind!

*NAFTA *Guns *Tax Cuts *Off Shore Drilling

Barack – you can’t have it both ways!

Now here’s your chance to call him on it and send him a message – actually, it’s a chance to send him his own flip-flops!

The American Policy Center (APC) has teamed up with a new website called On the site you can order a special pair of flip-flop sandals. For every pair you order for yourself, will also send Obama a pair – free of charge.

Each pair of flip-flops is printed with Barack’s positions of “change” (well, they change every day). Read the list of his positions of change here ( The beach sandals make a useful reference right on his feet, in case he forgets where he stands as he stumps the country.

Our goal is to send thousands of pairs of flip-flops to Obama’s campaign headquarters just to keep him on his toes.

And you can wear your own pair of Obama Flip-Flops to the next Obama rally. Let everyone know how you stand on Obama’s changing positions!

This isn’t for profit – it’s for America!


Go to

  • Check out their website.
  • Order your own Obama Flip-Flops today! (And they will send Obama a pair for every pair your order).
  • Send this Action Alert to your friends and family so they can join the campaign to send some flip-flops to Obama.

Help us spread Senator Obama’s “changing” message: Change You Can Believe In… Until I Change My Mind Again.

Get Your Obama Flip-Flops Today!

SEND THIS MESSAGE TO AT LEAST TEN MORE PEOPLE! APC is now offering you a quick and easy way to multiply your efforts and help win more battles! Simply click here to send this APC Action Alert to up to TEN of your friends! It’s fast, it’s easy and most of all, it’s extremely effective in KILLING OPPRESSIVE POLICIES!


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