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Rush’s Interview with Greta Van Susteren on Fox

September 19, 2008

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VAN SUSTEREN: Rush Limbaugh is angry at Senator Obama. I guess that’s no surprise. But what has Rush so fired up that he says Senator Obama is “stoking racial antagonism”? Earlier, Rush Limbaugh went On the Record.


VAN SUSTEREN: Rush, it’s nice to have you join us. And I caught The Wall Street Journal article today in which you said that Senator Obama’s campaign is “trafficking in prejudice.” What do you mean by that?

RUSH: What I mean is… Greta, by the way, great to be with you. Thanks for having me back again. What I mean by that is specifically that Obama is stoking racism, himself, via his campaign ads. Spanish-language-only ads in four states — including Florida, where I live and three Southwestern states — he is purposely lying about Senator McCain’s position. He is taking statements I’ve made entirely out of context. He knows they’re out of context and is using them anyway to create division between people, in this case racial division. He’s talking to Hispanics. He needs the Hispanic vote. And what’s happened, the wheels have come off the Obama campaign! The mask, the disguise is gone. The messiah, “the one we’ve all been waiting for,” all of that is now history, and he’s just been reduced to what he always has been: a street agitator, a typical liberal Democrat hack politician campaigning the same way they always do: divide people; pit people in groups against each other, try to create racial division, and so forth, and then present themselves as the great healers. I find it interesting Obama cannot talk about himself. He cannot explain his own virtues, why it’s worth us electing him president.

He has to rip other people apart, lie about them. Just this afternoon, Greta, Bill Burton, the spokeshack for Obama, was interviewed on National Journal Radio by Tammy Haddad, and Bill Burton actually said two things. He said, that, “Well, of course we’re going to keep talking about Limbaugh because that helps us identify McCain.” Well, John McCain and I are not that close — particularly on immigration — on a host of issues. We’re very tight on Sarah Palin, obviously. It was a great decision. But they’re running against me. They think that they can tar and feather McCain by linking him to me. But of course, we can’t link Obama to Jeremiah Wright! We can’t link Obama to Bill Ayers! The other thing he said is “the purpose of my radio show is to defeat Obama.” It’s, like, “Yeah, I’ve been in this business 35, 40 years, and I’ve been waiting for this moment. I have been preparing for all these years to beat Obama.” I mean, this is just amazing. I find it all amazing and I’m flattered by it all, but you’ve got to respond rapidly when they start lying about you and taking you out of context, especially in foreign language ads, where they’re trying to create racism. I really think these are the tactics of the old segregationists, and I think anybody who would employ these kinds of tactics is unworthy of the presidency, and that’s Obama. I think he’s a disgrace.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right. Explain to me. I know that what you’ve said is that you are different from — or you take different positions on some things from Senator McCain. But can you tell me specifically in this ad where it is that he’s trafficking in prejudice?

RUSH: Where he’s trafficking in prejudice?

VAN SUSTEREN: Yes. What was it? What was it that was in the ad?

RUSH: What’s in the ad is that he claims that I said Mexican illegal immigrants are “dumb and stupid,” which I didn’t say. And he also takes an excerpt from a commentary I did in which I was parodying Mexican law, Mexican immigration law, in which I said — while going through Mexican immigrant law — immigrants to Mexico have to shut up, you can’t participate in the political process, or get out. He portrays both those comments as about illegal immigrants. One of the comments was made to a caller 1993. The other was from a Morning Update commentary I did in 2006. So the prejudice is trying to make these Hispanic audience members watching this ad think I hate them, think I dislike them, think I want nothing to do with them. I’ve never said that. I have never in any way, shape, matter or form said illegal immigrants are dumb and stupid. I have never told them to shut up and get out, not once! Now, I don’t know what you call that. If you want to just call it lies. But it’s certainly prejudice because he’s trying to gin up anti- American sentiment, anti-Republican sentiment with lies to people who may be illegal in the country, may be legal or what have you. But he’s pitting groups of people against each other left and right here, and that’s… I mean, I don’t know what you’d call it. It’s not even just prejudice. It’s bigotry. It’s flat-out racism.


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